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Joining the Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO), Austin TX, in 1986 Rick worked his way up through the ranks to Captain as the agency grew from a few hundred to over fifteen hundred personnel.  Command positions included: Homicide, SWAT, White Collar Crime, Computer Forensics, Family Violence, Child Abuse, Intelligence, Crime Lab, 911-Communications, School Resource Officer, Canine (K-9), Lake Patrol, Traffic, Patrol Platoons, and the Field Training Program.  

After retiring from TCSO, Rick was the CEO of a county wide 911 agency for a time.  Among his accomplishments were the adoptions of a multi-million dollar budget after just one meeting and a dispatcher contract in two.
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Background Investigations

Jordan Ferguson  &   Darrell Rohde

Jordan Ferguson joined the Milpitas California Police Department in 1985. During his time with Milpitas he was a Field Training Officer, Accident Re-constructionist and Auto Theft Investigator. In 1991 Jordan joined the Idaho State Police for several years before becoming the Chief Criminal Investigator for the Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office in Coeur D Alene, ID. He stayed with the prosecutor’s office until he was hired by the Spokane Police Department in 1999. Jordan has worked in patrol and traffic; he was an FTO and part of the Neighborhood Resource Officer division.

Jordan became a polygraph examiner in 2003 which started his interest in background investigations. In 2009 Jordan became the lead background investigator and was tasked with ensuring the hiring process matched best practices across the country. Jordan has earned the title of Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner from the American Association of Police Polygraphists. He is also a certified PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Treatment) polygraph examiner and a full member of the American Polygraph Association.

Jordan earned his BS from Lewis and Clark State College and has completed his coursework for his MA in Criminal Justice from Washington State University, Spokane. He has been able to focus on the Neuroscience aspect of police work while studying under Dr. Bryan Vila and assisting the S.H.O.T. (Simulated Hazardous Occupational Tasks) Lab, part of the Sleep and Performance Research Center. Jordan is focusing on the relationship between stress and in custody death as well as looking at heart rate variability (HRV) as a possible contribution to the polygraph. Jordan expects to graduate in 2013.

Jordan has two Special Interest Groups (SIG) available on Leo.gov, NALEBI (The National Association of Law Enforcement Background Investigators) and EDIC (Excited Delirium and In Custody Death).

Darrell Rohde was born and raised in northern California and served in the United States Navy from 1980-1989. He earned an Associate’s Degree in English in 1985 and became a Reserve Police Officer in his hometown of Pleasant Hill, California in 1986. Having caught the law enforcement “bug” he left PHPD for a paid Reserve position with East Bay Regional Park Police in 1988. 

After his Honorable discharge from the Navy in 1989 he was hired by Hayward Police Department, California, and graduated top in his class at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Academy. Darrell migrated north to the Inland Northwest in 1997 and assisted his wife with her business until 1999 when he took a position as a Police Officer with the Spokane Airports Police Department.  

Seeking greater challenges, Darrell left the airport in 2003 for a position as a Deputy Sheriff for Spokane County, Washington, where he served as Personnel Coordinator up to his retirement in 2016. 

Darrell’s specialty assignments have included: Problem-Oriented Policing Unit (Vice); Field Training Officer; Marine Enforcement/Boating Safety Officer; Helicopter Unit Observer; and Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement Officer.

Darrell is a graduate of the several Background and Interview and Interrogation courses, including the Reid technique. He has conducted numerous background investigations from 2004 to present, and he still enjoys the unique challenges presented by these investigations.

Associates - Multi-Discipline

Investigative Interviewing Skills
Jon Bodnar began his law enforcement career in 1987 as a Marine Deputy with the Kootenai County ID Sheriff’s Office, in 1988 he moved to Corrections, and in 1993 was promoted to Sergeant. During his tenure, he served as training sergeant, transition team leader for a jail expansion project, and wrote policy and procedure. As a Sergeant, he was also tasked with conducting internal administrative investigations. In 2004, Jon moved to the Backgrounds as an Investigator where he served until he retired in 2015. Between conducting internal investigations and background investigations Jon honed his investigative skills, conducting thousands of interviews, and attending Background and Interview Training.  Jon now instructs our Investigative Interviewing Techniques course.

Strategic Communication Skills
Threats; Foreign & Domestic
Positive Policing

Ray also adjuncts in our AFTO and FSA classes and serves as our DOD contract trainer.

Ray Hilburn has been a civilian peace officer, investigator and instructor for over twenty years and served in a variety of diverse assignment including international law enforcement operations in support of American and Coalition military forces throughout the Middle East. He was recognized for his service to the United States Army in Iraq with two Superior Civilian Service medals and the Commanders Award for Public Service. He received Commendations from the Salvadorian Special Forces in Al Kut, Iraq for assistance and guidance to their mission as well. 

Beginning in 2005, he spent twenty-one months along the Iraq/Iran border training the Iraqi Police Services and Directorate of Border Enforcement agents. From 2007 through 2011 he returned to work in Iraq as a Law Enforcement Professional (LEP). This was a highly specialized mission that embedded civilian law enforcement major crimes investigators into the military in order to assist in targeting the criminal organizations responsible for killing coalition troops.  The mission job was to interdict, disrupt and bring to justice the members of these organizations.  This was accomplished utilizing the experience and expertise in developing intelligence products for targeting and fulfilling the LEP primary mission.  Mr. Hilburn was the DIV Lead for the nine southern Provinces of Iraq, with 26 BN level investigators. He left Iraq on June 1, 2011 and spent July, 2011 through July, 2012 as Training Manager and Developer at Fort Irwin, CA (National Training Center). In this mission, he was part of a team that conducted intelligence gathering with deployed and re-deploying combat units to analyze and develop C-IED protocols for improved training and to monitor Red Team TTP in theater.

From September 2012 through June 2013, Ray served as the Senior Forensic Engineer and Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert to the Afghan Judiciary at the Justice Center in Parwan, Afghanistan. In this capacity he was responsible for assisting the Judiciary in the prosecution of detainees suspected of committing acts of terrorism against the national security interests of the Afghanistan people. In support of this mission, he prepared prosecution support packages used to positively identify the detainee through bio-metric evidence found on improvised explosive devices used as evidence in court. He also provide testimony in the Afghan court system to explain the significance of DNA and latent prints to positively link the suspect to the destructive devices submitted in terrorist cases. 

Most recently he served as a Trainer with the International Police Peacekeepers Operations Support (IPPOS) team under the State Department, United Nations and INL missions in Africa as well as our FSA DOD contract trainer.

Rick’s administrative experience includes: directing high profile investigative units, SWAT, managing multi-million dollar budgets, employee compensation programs, and equipment solutions. Incident Command during natural disasters such as the Jarrell tornado, hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and events with influxes of over 60,000 attendees. As a member of the Operations Board for the Combined Transportation Emergency Communications Center (CTECC), Austin TX, he was part of a multi-jurisdictional team which brought to realization a regional digital radio and mobile data system that serves over a million people.

His technical expertise includes: assessing unit efficiencies, design, review and implementation of training programs, instructor development, and investigative training and consultation. As a mentor and trainer, he created a Field Training Program singularly used by TCSO and widely adopted by agencies across the country.  

Rick holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree from Midwestern State University focused on Public Administration and Criminal Justice; is a graduate of the FBI National Academy; and the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute Leadership and Command College. He is a Certified Public Manager, and trains on a national level to include the National Incident Management System (NIMS) in Incident Command.

With 34 years in public service, Rick has been working with agencies of various sizes across the nation. At 18 years of age, he served his country in the US Army as a Military Policeman and after Honorable Discharge began his civilian career as a Patrolman for Baytown, suburb of Houston, then 25 years with the Travis County Sheriff's Office. He is married and has three grown children and two grandchildren.

Educational achievements: BS degree from Midwestern State University in Criminal Justice and Public Administration

  Graduate of the FBI National Academy (197);

  Graduate of the Leadership and Command College of Texas (23);

  Certified Public Manager;

  Certified NIMS Instructor;

  Certified NENA Center Manager;

  Adjunct Instructor for the Travis County Sheriff's Office Academy;

  Adjunct Instructor for the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST);

  Adjunct Instructor for the Capital Area Planning Council of Governments, and;

  1992-1995 Adjunct for the Texas A&M University System (TEEX). 

Richard is Author and Administrator for most of the curriculum. Sole Author for the Field Training Officer Certification & Program Administrators Course. His FTO program has been in use singularly by TCSO since its inception in 1992 and it is being rapidly adopted across the country. The FTO program is adaptable and easily implementable. It has been adopted and implemented for New Supervisors, SWAT, Communications, Corrections, and Fire/EMS units.

Recognizing the need for specialized programs, he has developed Field Training Programs for New Supervisors, (FTONS) and one for Returning Military Veterans, (VIP).

Surpassing the competition, we have enjoyed being the first line choice and trusted source for training with agencies across the country. Personnel of all rank and position find our courses highly beneficial, motivation-ally memorable and surprisingly enjoyable.