These past four days of attending the Field Training Officer class were an inspiration. Rick Whitehead is a professional who radiates knowledge, wisdom and experience. I left the class feeling refreshed about my career, and with a clear direction and plan for how to improve my agency's field training program. If you attend this training, you will leave a better professional than when you entered.

Drew Rinella      Bonner County EMS   Years of Service  14

I recently attended the Basic Instructor Certification Course instructed by Richard Whitehead.  This course was very detailed and gave me a base of where I was at in public speaking.  The instructors assisted me being an effective instructor.  I learned about researching a topic, making course objectives, and the finale, presenting using power point to a class.  This certification gave me the knowledge and confidence to take on other training (Alive @25) and making presentations for large groups.  Thanks RW and Associates.  

Steven Robles  Years of Service  14 

Just completed the Basic Instructor Class and it was great.  I learned a lot and had fun doing it.  I never thought going to training could be so much fun.  Thanks Rick and the crew for making training an enjoyable experience. 

Joseph ZahnYears of Service  16 

I recently took the FTO course.  While I have been performing the duty for some time this course brought allot of things I need to have been doing to light and provided methods for accomplishing my job.  Rick really throws some curve balls in his class, but the purpose is to make you think. I would recommend this course to any present FTO, anyone who knows they are going to be a FTO, or just wants to be a FTO. 

Bill SilvaEmail: of Service  20+ 

I just completed the Field Training Officer class.  The experience was amazing. I experienced some emotions I didn't think I had.  I was not quite ready for the challenge.  Rick brought out the best of us with his ability to keep everyone engaged.  His presentation, delivery and knowledge of the subject matter kept me at the edge of my seat.  I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in being a training officer to attend this class. Thanks again, RickB (Tocayo) 

Rick BarreraEmail:  barrera.richard@sbcglobal.netYears of Service  30 + 

I have taken multiple classes from this organization. Each class has proven to be comprehensive and modern. The classes are well constructed, expertly executed and close attention is given to the success of each student. I have taken thousands of hours of classes in law enforcement throughout my career. The classes given by Rick Whitehead and his associate instructors, by far rank in the top in regards to education. Any agency or law enforcement professional seeking instruction and certification for various subjects would benefit greatly by attending one the sessions. 

Tyson Raleigh Email: Years of Service  11 

I attended the Leadership 101 class in Cleveland, Texas and was very impressed with the instructors knowledge related to the class. Mr. Whitehead incorporated plenty of class participation and group discussion to keep the course material from being dry. I will seek more classes that he provides. 

J. Kelemen Email: Years of Service  13 

At this time I work as an LEO for the FEDS, but prior to that I was a Police Officer with the Honolulu Police Department. I attended the Field Training Officer Certification & Program Administrators Course in January 2010. There are not enough positive comments I can make concerning this course. Lt. Whitehead is an exceptional instructor, his techniques are professional yet entertaining and he made the information easy to absorb and implement. I believe the techniques that are taught by Lt. Whitehead better assist the FTO in training the new Officer, than the other programs I am familiar with in my experience. I am the FTO Coordinator for my Department and since taking Lt. Whitehead's course and implementing his training techniques our program has greatly improved, thank you again Sir. 

Chad Barrett  DOI/USBR Federal LEOEmail:   Years of Service  8 

I for one have always dreaded attending classroom training, that is until I attended the F.T.O. certification course with Rick Whitehead. The week seemed to fly by and it amazed me how much information I retained. I just completed the Basic Instructor Certification course and had the same experience. I learned that quality training does not mean it has to be dry & boring training. I will continue to actively seek any training I can from Rick Whitehead & Associates, it's proven to be quality, up to date training that I can utilize in my career. 

Geoff BottomsYears of Service  8 

The training was absolutely outstanding. I left the class with a much better knowledge of the responsibilities of a Field Training Officer, and the impact that they have on their department. The in class participation and exercises put forth in the classroom were very beneficial. The instructing staff was very professional, and obviously knew the material very well. Outstanding all the way around. I would recommend this course for anybody involved in a department FTO program. 

James JonesEmail:  jjones@cityofkyle.comYears of Service  4 

I recently completed the Investigative Statement Analysis Course, and it was outstanding. The material and instruction were superb. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who deals with taking statements from individuals. After reviewing some old cases, I wish I had taken this years ago. I can't wait to apply this knowledge in future cases. 

Dave ToshYears of Service  11 

In my fifteen years of service, I have had thousands of hours of training and attended hundreds of TCLEOSE credited courses. In all of that time I have never attended a course that was as well put together and informative. In all of my years I have never attended a course that I walked away from feeling like I received a good education until I took Lt. Whitehead's course. I truly walked away knowing I had received a quality education. 

Roger BennettEmail:  rbennett@cityofconroe.orgYears of Service  15 years 

Lt. Whitehead is an excellent instructor and I am looking forward to attending future schools taught by him. His FTO school is one the best classes or schools I have attended in my L.E. career. 

Kevin JohnsonEmail:  kjohnson@cityofconroe.orgYears of Service  6 

Rick's vast knowledge and expertise in this field is tremendous.  From an operational perspective, all areas of the program from day-to-day operations to liability issues were thoroughly discussed.  This course is a must for any officer that desires to become a field training officer and is the foundational beginning for administrators desiring to implement a field training program within their department. 

Lt. Karen FalksEmail:  karen.falks@sanantonio.govYears of Service  19 

Hi there Rick I am now back home in Florida. I enjoyed my short stay in Texas and I enjoyed the FTO & Program Administrator course tremendously.  The course gives the aspiring FTO the tools and skills necessary to do his job.  It was a pleasure to be taught by someone like you who is a Master in their field. I surely will pass the word around about your FTO courses to my other colleagues as I think that they all can benefit from your vast knowledge in the subject matter.  Sincerely Fred Blaise Police Mentor/Trainer U.S. STATE DEPT CIVPOL PROGRAM HAITI-AFGHANISTAN 

FRED BLAISEEmail:  sokatash@netzero.netYears of Service  17 

Lt. Whitehead, I would like to tell you that in all the training I've had in my career, your FTO class was by far one of the best courses I've attended. Your professionalism and knowledge on the subject matter went well above my expectations.  The message you sent at the end of the course (during the exam) had a profound impact on me.  Thank you for adding more tools to my tool box!  

Oscar GonzalezEmail: Years of Service  9 

I think the training was great and had a lot of hands on applications. I am the type of person who learns from hands on training and performing task that I have been trained on. The two courses I attended provided me with a lot of practical's and training. The instruction that I received can be used in my career as a patrol officer and FTO. 

Kyle SanfordEmail:  ks8545@yahoo.comYears of Service  4 1/2 

Great class, Rick!  I've been highly recommending it to anyone who asks and it really helped me complete the system-wide FTO policy I've been working on.  Thanks! 

Katherine Smith, UT System PoliceEmail:    Years of Service  14 

The F.T.O. course is not a vacation course.  Be prepared to study and complete projects, but in the end you will understand and everything works out.  Remember to keep and open mind and just enjoy the class. 

Todd AshornEmail:  ironknight33@yahoo.comYears of Service  10 

I received more vital information and knowledge from this FTO course, then from any other course I have attended.  I will recommend my agency to send any future FTO's and supervisor's to this course.  Thank you for the information I received which will help me throughout my career. 

Adrian SelveraEmail:  adrian.selvera@co.bastrop.tx.usYears of Service  3 

The FTO Course will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish.  The course was very well thought out and the persons who attend the class will leave with a strong understanding for the importance and structure of a solid FTO Program.  I would recommend the class to everyone who is fixing to be an FTO or to any supervisor.  Thanks Rick, I will not forget the experience. 

Gordon McKissackEmail: Years of Service  3 

Mr. Whitehead I just wanted to let you know that the recent FTO class was a tremendous boost for my career.  The professionalism and knowledge that you brought to the class will not only protect me from Civil Liability, but gives me a better understanding in Supervision for the rest of my career.  I would strongly urge my department, as well as other departments to implicate the course as a Mandatory / Refresher course for all FTO's.  I believe this class is the true backbone of any and all Departments and needs to be implemented throughout all Law Enforcement Agencies.  Thank you giving me a more positive and understanding outlook at my job and duties, as well as my career.  

Tracy JonesEmail:  Creativelandscaping@austin.rr.comYears of Service  10 

I recently took your class and really enjoyed the structure of it.  I still remember the 16 points in order due to the way the class was presented to us.  We are now in the process of reorganizing our FTO program at our department due to what myself and our other Field Training Officers learned in your class. 

Matt HoganEmail:  matthewhogan76@gmail.comYears of Service  3 

"In talking to participants and reading their comments, it is clear that the curriculum was vital to the needs of their departments.  Your presentation in particular was very effective in bringing home the issues on a personal level to each attendee.   

It was a pleasure to work with such a professional person."

Jacklyn Merchant,Sam Houston State University Office of Law Enforcement Training

"Very well built program.  Evident that lots of hard work was put into this course.  Instructors knew material and presented it very well.  All of the audience participation and exercises were stimulating and useful.  I enjoyed the course immensely and learned a lot about the FTO program from you.  I also had many misconceptions and misunderstandings cleared up."

Lem Biggs, Lower Colorado River Authority Public Safety, TX

"Excellent Course.  A commitment of the highest order to FTO systems is essential for the development of standardized cultural values against which our career long decisions are made.  I can see that you and this training curriculum have those visions in mind."

Carl Deal,  Commander, San Marcos PD, TX

I have been with TCSO for nearly nine years and I learned more this week than in any of my previous classes!  This is the best class I have ever been in and it should be given to everybody.  The class made me step back and look at myself, as well as where I am at and where I am going.                

Curtis Orton, Travis County SO, TX

I am one of the Firefighter/Paramedics that was in attendance for the FTO certification class held in Harker Heights.  Let me say that it was a privilege to be in attendance for those four days and that I believe whole-heartedly that your program should be the model for our fire department’s FTO program.

Matt Truitt, HHFD, Firefighter/Paramedic

"I feel better prepared to train as an FTO.  Very good visual aids as well as note taking opportunities provided to the classroom.  I would recommend this to any officer who wants to put forth the effort to train in his dept."  

Jack Johnson, Round Rock PD

"A very good class.  Very well structured with visual & written aids that helped the students learn and retain.  One of the best schools I have attended.  Instructors kept your attention."

Candace Carson, Communications, Pflugerville PD

"It would take too long to list the course strengths.  Well thought out, well delivered and will save many departments financial risk if they will implement the suggestions from this class."  

Sgt. John Butler, League City PD

"Great Course!  It opened my eyes to a whole new world of training."   

David Ellis, Hereford PD 

"The class helped me get a grasp as to what is needed to build an FTO program in my dept."           

Larry Soza, Alice PD

"A very informative class.  Every department should consider this course for it's training needs."           

Sgt. Lee Anderson, Lubbock CO SO 

"Has brought to light the weaknesses in our training program and shown a more effective way to evaluate our training.  Excellent Course!"

         Sgt. Bryan Taylor, Lubbock CO SO

"Outstanding course, a must for any FTO and supervisor alike in any FTO program."

       Sgt. Ronald Cottrell, San Antonio Park Police

"I wish I had the course sooner,  I have enjoyed it more than any other class."

       John Schrier, Beeville PD

"The course was put together very well!  I learned a tremendous amount of information that will help my agency and I have a successful FTO program."

      Sgt Laurie Crain, Univ. of North TX PD

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