Rick Whitehead has over thirty-three years of Law Enforcement experience including leading Homicide Investigations, officer involved shootings, serving as the SWAT Commander, and Director of a County-wide 911 agency.


Rick is available to Police and Fire Departments to provide expertise on major crimes, internal investigations and to provide Forensic Statement Analysis services.

In the Private sector: Rick is available to provide you or your company with his expertise for internal investigations.


Are you coming to an event in the Coeur d'Alene area and are in need of private security?  Rick also provides discrete Dignitary Protection services.

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Background Investigations Course

This comprehensive two-day course gives the Background Investigator all the tools to conduct an effective vetting process to ensure only the best applicants are hired.  Administrators will gain a thorough exposure of the requisite needs on which to build their Backgrounds Section.  Many agencies unknowingly ask illegal questions during their investigation.  We will review your forms to ensure you are not one of them.

Instructor Bio's
Jordan Ferguson     
Background Investigation Instructor

Jordan joined the Milpitas California Police Department in 1985. During his time with Milpitas he was a Field Training Officer, Accident Reconstructionist and Auto Theft Investigator. In 1991 Jordan joined the Idaho State Police for several years before becoming the Chief Criminal Investigator for the Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office in Coeur D Alene, ID.  He stayed with the prosecutor’s office until he was hired by the Spokane Police Department in 1999. Jordan has worked in patrol and traffic; he was an FTO and part of the Neighborhood Resource Officer division.

Jordan became a polygraph examiner in 2003 which started his interest in background investigations.  In 2009 Jordan became the lead background investigator and was tasked with ensuring the hiring process matched best practices across the country. Jordan has earned the title of Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner from the American Association of Police Polygraphists. He is also a certified PCSOT (Post Conviction Sex Offender Treatment) polygraph examiner and a full member of the American Polygraph Association.

Jordan earned his BS from Lewis and Clark State College and has completed his coursework for his MA in Criminal Justice from Washington State University, Spokane. He has been able to focus on the Neuroscience aspect of police work while studying under Dr. Bryan Vila and assisting the S.H.O.T. (Simulated Hazardous Occupational Tasks) Lab, part of the Sleep and Performance Research Center.  Jordan is focusing on the relationship between stress and in custody death as well as looking at heart rate variability (HRV) as a possible contribution to the polygraph. Jordan expects to graduate in 2013.

Jordan has two Special Interest Groups (SIG) available on Leo.gov, NALEBI (The National Association of Law Enforcement Background Investigators) and EDIC (Excited Delirium and In Custody Death).

Darrell Rohde 
Background Investigation Instructor

Darrell was born and raised in northern California and served in the United States Navy from 1980-1989.  He earned an Associate’s Degree in English in 1985 and became a Reserve Police Officer in his hometown of Pleasant Hill, California in 1986.  Having caught the law enforcement “bug” he left PHPD for a paid Reserve position with East Bay Regional Park Police in 1988.  

After his Honorable discharge from the Navy in 1989 he was hired by Hayward Police Department, California, and graduated top in his class at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Academy.  Darrell migrated north to the Inland Northwest in 1997 and assisted his wife with her business until 1999 when he took a position as a Police Officer with the Spokane Airports Police Department.  

Seeking greater challenges, Darrell left the airport in 2003 for a position as a Deputy Sheriff for Spokane County, Washington, where he currently serves as Personnel Coordinator.  

Darrell’s specialty assignments have included:  Problem-Oriented Policing Unit (Vice); Field Training Officer; Marine Enforcement/Boating Safety Officer; Helicopter Unit Observer; and Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement Officer.

Darrell is a graduate of the Glacken and Associates Background Investigator’s Course and has completed several Interview and Interrogation courses, including the Reid technique.  He has conducted numerous background investigations from 2004 to present, and he still enjoys the unique challenges presented by these investigations.

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