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How do I get a course delivered at my agency?

How do I sponsor a course?

Why should I choose you?

Why should I have an FTO program or train my FTO's and Supervisors?

Contract or Hosting a Course:

Our courses are conducted nationwide by contract or by hosting:

Contracting:  Allows an individual agency to tailor a course to their specific needs, pay a flat rate, and to have it presented at their location to their personnel.  Contracting saves the agency travel and per diem costs while training several for the cost of a few to travel.  Many agencies elect to partner with their local Council of Governments or another agency and share the cost.

Hosting:  Host agencies benefit by receiving tuition free seats at a rate of 1 per 5 paid.  Host agencies assist by advertising, provide a training site, audio/visual support, snacks and drinks.

If Contracting or Hosting is something you are interested in please contact me with the name of the course(s) you are interested in and the best way for me to contact you.

Top 3 Reasons Agencies Choose Us 

Excellent training in skills needed for specific positions:

Field Training Officer's New Instructors Leadership Training

Specialized Investigative Skills

Guidance with building Training programs, or modification of existing programs to enhance specific need.

Why should I have an FTO program or train my FTO's and Supervisors?

The Civil Liability you subject yourself to without one:

Failure to Train;
Negligent Assignment;
Negligent Entrustment, and;
Negligent Retention.

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